Puss In Boots - St. Blazey AOS

Puss In Boots
St. Blazey AOS
Keay Theatre

Director Mike Meer takes the helm once again to steer St. Blazey AOS to the top of the tree with another first class pantomime. Puss In Boots is a much loved tale, but this production takes on a whole new look as Mike himself has written both the script and the song lyrics. Mike’s witty lines and sharp eye for visual content make this the funniest Puss In Boots I’ve had the pleasure of watching. The original Puss In Boots fable began life in Italy, giving Mike the inspiration to base the story around an ice cream factory with plenty of room for ice cream word play as well as panto mess.
Thea Housman is enjoying herself as she lights up the stage in the title role of Puss; Thea has earned her stripes having trod the boards with St. Blazey for most of her young life. Tahlia Hooper plays alongside Thea as Puss’ poverty stricken master Kelly Gelato; another young performer, Taliah also gives a strong performance and the girls work well together.
Darren Williams is hilarious as he reprises his role of Dame, resplendent in bright wigs and even brighter make up. Watch out for the Dame’s incredible ice cream cornet costume. Another brilliant costume hides the fabulous Andrew Dent who plays evil Ogre Grimgob, not a character you want to meet on a dark night!
A trio of well loved AOS performers, Mandy Raikes, Tara Woollacott and James Gill are funny, silly and endearing in their roles as Kelly Gelato’s hapless family. While other Gill family members, Andy and Carol, play the Ogre’s rotten henchman – let’s hope we saw more of this father/daughter double hander.
Another young performer, Bella Lake, plays Grimgob’s Major Domo with confidence and fun.
Paul Pearce and Olivia Coon bring a regal air to the proceedings as King and Queen with Caitlin Matthews putting in a very watchable performance as their daughter the Princess.
Sarah Pease has a tiny role as the Lawyer, but she makes the most of her few minutes in the limelight delivering her lines with relish.
The supporting cast is filled with very young performers who work their socks off, but special mention must go to the team of Killer Rabbits. Yes, Killer Rabbits in a panto! The five very young future stars have perfect comic and dance timing, their portrayal of a sinister group of made Mafia members is magnetic.
Last year’s familiar and very funny Mermaids have found their way back into the script – it’s Panto, anything goes!
Nicky Stephens returns to add pizzazz to the show’s choreography with the indisputably talented Musical Director Nigel Read making his mark on St. Blazey AOS for the first time. Recognition is richly deserved by the backstage crew who create glorious costumes, amazing sets and work their magic with lights and sound.
Puss In Boots runs until Saturday 28th January at the Keay Theatre, tickets available from 01726 879090.

Sheila Vanloo
January 2017

Article by: Sheila V