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Rebecca Mordan, founder of Scary Little Girls, has finally realised her long held dream to bring her favourite J.M Barrie classic Peter Pan to the Cornish stage. The mention of Peter Pan conjures up childhood memories of pantomime, but the original stage play was not written as panto and this all female production takes the story of the boy who never grew up back to its roots.
The play is in a very safe pair of hands under the instinctive direction of Shazz Andrew, her gentle touch brings out the best in everyone she works with and so it is with Pan. This production, for the most part, is absolutely true to the original, but Shazz has taken it, tweaked it and rolled it up in Scary style.
With a vast pool of incredibly talented women clamouring to work with the Scary’s, Rebecca and Shazz have the luxury of cherry picking their cast.
Bobbi O’Callaghan brilliantly grasps the role of Peter, giving him a convincing air of the naughty, petulant boy he is, but at the same time garnering our sympathy at the adult feelings he doesn’t understand and fights against.
Alice Robinson is the epitome of the fussy little mother as Wendy, the sensible, slightly bossy child/woman in love with Peter Pan who knows it can never be.
The rest of the cast have quick changes down to a fine art as they alternately portray the Darling family, pirates, lost boys, Indians and mermaids. Helen Millar brings us rich delights as Mrs. Darling and a host of other characters, but her take on Smee as a bad ass ‘street’ pirate is sublime.
Sarah Annakin, along with other roles, is terrific as brainy brother John Darling and her Tiger Lily is delightful. Kudzi Hudson is convincing as the Darling’s wide eyed baby Michael and the unfortunate Tootles who puts an arrow through Wendy’s heart.
Jasmine Cole breathes life into the Darling’s much loved dog Nana - the big furry creature charged with looking after the children. Although we never catch a physical glimpse of the elusive Tinkerbell, her presence is very much felt with her trademark tinkling bells.
In demand composer and performer Ben Sutcliffe provides the beautifully original soundscape throughout the story – watch out for a couple of hilarious songs from Hook!
And Rebecca Mordan? The woman whose sheer determination resulted in this production is giving us the magnificent performance of her life as she revels in her various guises from the hapless Hook to the portly and slightly snobby Mr. Darling, to lost boy Curly and finally Wendy’s own daughter Jane. Rebecca’s comedic talents have been enjoyed by audiences through the Scary’s cabarets, pub quizzes, Salon du Cinemas and storytelling, she is naturally warm and witty; with Peter Pan her great ability to make people laugh shines through. Pan is very, very funny and manages to walk the fine line between being a comedy play and the panto that Rebecca wanted to avoid.
Professional productions on small budgets are fascinating as the team’s creative juices flow and imaginations run free with designers, performers and directors working together to produce visual delights with little or no money. The Peter Pan team have created a beautiful piece of theatre which is destined to hold audiences of all ages spellbound; the simple, but magical flying scenes involve no invisible wires or trickery yet the children fly majestically across the stage.
Congratulations to everyone involved in Peter Pan, simply the finest work to come from the Scary Little Girls.

Peter Pan 2016 remaining dates -

Sterts Theatre - 20th September
Penlee Park Open air Theatre – 22nd September
Minack Theatre – 26th – 30th SeptemberMore info

Sheila Vanloo

September 2016

Article by: Sheila V