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Picking Up The Pieces - Album

The Changing Room

The Changing Room continue their ascent to the top of the folk world with their latest album Picking Up The Pieces. Barely a year since Behind The Lace garnered rave reviews, Tanya Brittain and Sam Kelly have not succumbed to second album syndrome which often stalls, and sometimes ends, careers.
Picking Up The Pieces is a warm and wonderful musical adventure through Cornwall’s history of mining, fishing, trading and smuggling; telling tales of the hellish life of mining in days gone by to the men in suits today handing out meagre fishing quotas. Despite the emotive song lyrics, Pieces is not a depressing album – more a celebration of Cornish life through the eyes of musicians who, although not of Cornish birth are definitely Cornish at heart.
Tanya and Sam openly embrace collaborations with like minded musicians in both their live appearances and studio work, credits on Pieces include Boo Hewerdine , John McCusker and Geoff Lakeman alongside a raft of other highly respected performers.Every song on this album touches the listener on different levels, from the hauntingly sad Bal Maiden’s Waltz to the hypnotic sway of the railroad on It’s All Downhill From Here. Sam and Tanya’s voices complement each other perfectly, Sam’s strong, rich voice owes much to his own celtic roots while Tanya delivers a sound akin to the crystal clear waters flowing down from Bodmin Moor.
A short 2 years since Tanya and Sam first met, The Changing Room are basking in awards and are in demand on the festival circuit; Picking Up The Pieces will strengthen their fan base and ensure further accolades come their way.
The Changing Room launch Picking Up The Pieces in Looe on 12th August, a few tickets are still available find out more at www.thechangingroommusic.com


Sheila Vanloo
July 2016

Article by: Sheila V