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Life’s A Dream

Miracle Theatre

Written by Bill Scott

Miracle Theatre embarked on their latest summer tour with sold out opening nights at the beautiful Trebah Amphitheatre. After 37 years and no less than 50 productions, founder, writer and director, Bill Scott, continues to surprise and delight Miracle fans with his love of words, comedy and fun. Life’s A Dream is based on a piece of classic 17th century Spanish work by Calderon with Sigismund, the central character of the story, having been compared to Hamlet.
Bill has left the setting of the play back in the dark days of the 1600s, giving set designer Alan Munden plenty of scope to create a bleak, but fascinating landscape and Jude Munden’s imagination running free with great props and costumes. With a raft of wonderful performers to draw from, Bill has assembled a superb cast of well known, experienced names to tour Life’s A Dream this summer - Steve Jacobs, Tom Adams, Richard Hainsworth, Ben Kernow, Catherine Lake and Hannah Stevens fit their roles perfectly and enjoy every minute as they lead us back in time to lands unknown.
In the depths of the 17th Century people set great store in dreadful omens and fearful portents, one such believer is King Basil of Peruvia. Basil heeds the doom filled warning of the night skies at the birth of his firstborn son, Sigismund, banishing him to solitary imprisonment in barren countryside away from his Royal home. Sigismund grows to manhood with knowledge of only one other person, Clotworthy his father’s servant, who is permitted to visit the boy with food and water.
Straightforward so far, but we are soon drawn into a world of comic chaos and confusion as other characters are introduced into the mix. Crown Prince Alfred of Gregoria loves Rosa, but is being persuaded to marry Queen Stella of Westralia in a bid to unite and strengthen their countries. Rosa spends much of the play pretending to be a man, with only her trusty servant Bugle knowing the secret, to thicken the plot King Basil allows Sigismund his freedom as a test of his worthiness to take over the throne. Does Sigismund pass the test or fail miserably and find himself returned to his prison? Will Alfred marry his one true love or give in to pressure from his King? Who is Rosa’s father and will she finally meet the man who abandoned her? With mistaken identities, crazy characters, a war, love, lies and deception Miracle’s latest production crackles along at a superb pace and will be a runaway success this summer.
Life’s A Dream is touring until 31st July, for details of dates and venues visit

Sheila Vanloo

June 2016

Article by: Sheila V