I'm Sorry I Haven't A Minute!

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Minute!

Scary Little Girls

Bosun’s Diner, Charlestown

In constant demand across the country for their cabarets/ literary walks and storytelling, Scary Little Girls recently returned to their Cornish homeland with their latest cabaret I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Minute! Written by Rebecca Mordan, this very funny show is an affectionate nod to local radio revolving around a couple of characters who closely resemble a much loved and famous television celebrity couple.
Rebecca plays Summer alongside Joel Daffurn who portrays her long term partner Charlie, both are desperate to graduate from radio onto the big sofa and small screen of daytime telly. To this end they bravely take their radio show on the road to record in front of a live audience, grudgingly taking their long suffering general dogsbody Pearl, perfectly underplayed by Sharon Andrew, along with them.
The show is a riot of marital clashes and dramas; despite their passion for each other, Charlie and Summer harbour jealous fears that one might make the big time and leave the other behind. Summer is high maintenance in every respect, at one point locking herself in the toilet following an innocent remark by Charlie.
The show is very much an audience participation evening, but all done in the best possible taste, adding to the intimate comedy. An episode of the wonderful Dirk and Daphne Chronicles puts Pearl under pressure as she enlists audience assistance to create a mass of sound effects, including a cacophony of farmyard animals.
Summer’s baleful glares and cutting one liners as Charlie flirts openly with the females in the room are brilliant but wasted on him as he blithely smarms his way round the room handing out photos of himself along with his phone number.
Cabaret audiences are an unpredictable, sometimes naughty bunch, but Charlie and Summer were bang on with their witty repartee. Pearl is kept busy with sound effects and technical issues and has very few lines, but has the last laugh at the close of the show.
Scary Little Girls have produced another fun cabaret and Joel Daffurn is a perfect addition to the team; lively performances by this talented trio which Richard and Judy would surely enjoy.

Sheila Vanloo
April 2016

Article by: Sheila V