Me And My Girl . St. Austell AOS

Me And My Girl

St. Austell AOS

Keay Theatre

Celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year, St. Austell AOS have made a terrific choice in presenting Me And My Girl. With the runaway success of Sister Act in 2016 the company haven’t rested on the resulting accolades, but have worked tirelessly to reprise a revamped version of the show they last performed in 1999. This latest version is a reworking by comedy icon Stephen Fry whose wry look at the eccentricities of the British class system makes a much funnier show than the original.
Once again, the company has a dream team of women at the helm with Director Kathy West, Musical Director Vicky Pascoe and Choreographer Maureen Pascoe ensuring that this show is set to be a feast for the eyes and ears.
Me And My Girl is a warm hearted, fast and exceptionally funny show with the cast having perfected comedy timing, tap and clap routines. There are moments of set piece choreography involving the whole cast which are so reliant on timing that the audience holds a collective breath, erupting in astounded applause when the song ends.
As you would expect, with a raft of talent clamouring for the roles, Kathy West has assembled a fabulous lead cast – Chris Gray captures the very essence of vaudeville cheeky cockney chappie Bill Snibson. Pairing Chris with Alice Waterfield as Sally Smith his East End girl works brilliantly, Sally’s ‘Eliza Doolittle’ transformation from common fish seller to suitable lady for a Lord is lovely. Stephanie Housman plays the sniffy Duchess of Dene to perfection, snobby she may be, but the Duchess cuts a mean Lambeth Walk! Craig Munday’s understated portrayal of the family solicitor Herbert Parchester is pure joy, Melody Boyce is delicious as the seductress out to bag a wealthy husband by fair means or foul. Lionel Burrows plays the perfect English gentleman as Sir John Tremayne, will he or won’t he help the young Bill and Sally to the altar and does he capture the steely heart of our Duchess? Kim Rowe is terrific as Gerald Bolingbroke, thwarted as the heir to the family fortune by the unexpected appearance of cockney chancer Bill. Mark Whitwood returns as an excellent Charles the Butler, playing him for the second time around. Jules Eley and Bex Rogers are an inspired pairing as Lord and Lady Battersby. The eagle eyed will spot the marvellous Georgina Walkey as crumbly old Sir Jasper Tring with Julie Emmett putting in a delightful appearance as Mrs. Brown.
Supported by a superb ensemble, an interesting suit of armour, a raft of beautiful costumes, top notch lighting and ingenious set Me and My Girl is an absolute winner.
Me And My Girl runs until Saturday 9th April with a matinee on Saturday. Tickets available from or call 01726 879500

Sheila Vanloo

April 2016

Article by: Sheila v