Spot Advertising

Which Package?

Do you want to build your brand awareness in the Bay area? Do you want to generate a response to a promotion or event? Do you want your customers to recognise your community links? Talk to us at Radio St Austell Bay for a package to suit your needs. To keep things simple, we offer three advertising packages to suit every budget. Of course if you have a particular requirement, just contact us and we can give you a quotation.

What is Included?

All Spot Advertising packages include:

A 30 second radio commercial, professionally produced to your specification. An example of your commercial will be sent to you for approval and amendment prior to commercials going to air.

Periodic refresh of your commercial (if required).

Packages must be paid for quarterly in advance.

Rate Card

Package Frequency Days Time Plays / Week Price / Week Price / Play
Response Driver Once Every Hour Monday to Saturday** 7am – 7pm* 72 £50 £0.70
Brand Builder Twice Every 3 Hours Monday to Saturday** 7am – 7pm* 48 £35 £0.73
Premium Once Every 3 Hours Monday to Saturday** 7am – 7pm* 24 £20 £0.83

* Saturdays are currently from 10am – 7pm.

**Overnight and Sunday airing of your commercial package will be free of charge until such time as presented shows are available. This free service is planned to be available from November 2012.