Ken &Marilyn
Thursday 23rd December 2021

Another great show Chris Robins, thanks for our request and all that you do, much appreciated. Seasonal greetings to you all.

Wendy Freeman
Sunday 21st February 2021

Hi Folks. I'm in Michigan in the USA. I found your station through Radio Gardens and love listening to the music as well as all the events happening in the UK and Cornwall. Thank you for letting me "travel" to your corner of the world each day while we are unable to travel in any other well for you....tourists without the trouble. Hahahaha! Thank you for brightening each day for me!

Thursday 24th February 2022
Bob Wylde Station Manager

Hi Wendy thank you for your kind comments and glad you're enjoying RSAB

Greg Hawkins
Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hi guys, I'm in California. I found you guys on TuneIn years ago and have been listening since. I love the music and eavesdropping in on your community activities and announcements. Great job!

Wednesday 27th January 2021
Bob Wylde

Thank you Greg for your kind comments and glad you are enjoying the shows and thank you for your support

Donald Xander
Wednesday 30th December 2020

Enjoy your music choices, I visit a bit these days as well as checking out shows you have taped.

Wednesday 27th January 2021
Bob Wylde

Thank you glad you are enjoying the music


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