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Wednesday 13th December -

St. Blazey AOS are going all out to make this year's Panto their best yet, Meg Prater returns this afternoon to share the latest on Robinson Crusoe. It seems this year's show contains Ninja Pirates, a fim crew, mermaids, a parrot and an ostrich - don't ask!!

Looking into 2018 (!)

Wednesday 10th January -

With opening night just 10 days away, Meg Prater pops in with the latest behind the scenes news from St. Blazey AOS and Robinson Crusoe

Wednesday 31st January -

Now in it's 3rd year The Clay Village Panto Awards are gaining momentum and popularity - everyone wants to be a part of this superb event. Reviving the awards has meant a huge amount of work for a very small team led by Panto stalwart Shane Gregory; Shane returns today with news of this year's entrants across the Clays.