RSAB Breakfast Show

Upcoming Guests

Monday 19th June Nigel Bassett starts the week with his usual laughs, quizzes and general fun

09.15 am - TBC

Tuesday 20th June

Dom is taking a much needed break, but will return once his batteries are recharged. Tuesday Breakfasts will be hosted by surprise presenters until Dom returns

09.15 am - TBC

Wednesday 2st June - Nigel picks up Wednesday mornings until Dom returns with his usual mix of quizzes, chat and fun

09.15 am -  TBC

Thursday 22nd June- Nigel starts the day with usual mix of banter, quizzes and fun

09.15 am - TBC

Friday 23rd June - Nigel ends the working week with laughter and music

09.15 am - TBC

Saturday 24th June-

Nigel and Catherine have the morning off, guest presenter TBC